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Look What the Lord Has Done!

Well, we did it, we finished our September 10-day Tour!

I want to thank each and every one of you for the part you played in the good success of this most awesome endeavor. Here are the fruits of what your giving produced. Click on the pictures and enjoy!

Once again we say thank you, and with sincerity we could not have done it without your consistent faithfulness to Exalt Jesus March.

Because of your giving, whether it be through prayer, financial support, or your faithful participation in our events and volunteer commitments, we would have not been able to accomplish, with excellence, what the Lord has put in our hands to do. Because of you, we can, and we did.


As a result of your generosity and faithfulness we have completed 10 Marches so far this year; 4 of which were state capitols:


Austin, TX

Boston, MA

Baton Rouge, LA

Tallahassee, FL

And we're not done yet. We've got 2 more marches coming up: Our McKinney, TX march on October 28th, and our Galveston Evangelistic March the following weekend, Nov. 4th. If you can come we'd love to see you there. If you are not able to attend, your prayers and financial support are always welcomed and needed. 

We're looking forward to the events ahead this year, and with great excitement what the Lord has for us in 2024.

I'll be updating you on the good success of our upcoming activites so that you may once again see the fruits of your giving.


Dawn Highers, CFO

Exalt Jesus March

Open a can of Jericho! Oct. 31, 2020


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